Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz

Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz is a a small celebration of the Berlin-Kreuzberg neighborhood that often rewards with unique treasures and collectable wonders those that take the time to rummage through the stalls

Located on the end of the charming Bergmannstraße, Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz breathes the flair of the lively Berlin-Kreuzberg atmosphere. This area is mentioned in every guidebook due to the sheer number of awesome cafes and bars found here, and each weekend a lovely flea market takes over the streets. It is not a large, crowded, bustling affair but rather a smaller celebration of the neighborhood and a chance for everyone to take to the streets and enjoy the atmosphere here. And of course, those that take the time to rummage through the stalls will be rewarded with unique treasures and collectible wonders.

In German, the word ‘Trödel’ means junk or jumble and is often used to name a flea market, which is the case for the Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz. Many of the stalls are held by those who have cleared out their houses and have typical second-hand goods for sale. There are a few though that are manned by collectors, who clearly have an interest in vintage and antique items and bring their finds to this flea. Due to this, visitors never know what they might find here. Therefore it is always worth spending a little time going through the goods on display. Treasures are definitely lurking among the trash!

The Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz has a lovely variety of items for sale, and there is certainly something for everyone. Vintage clothing can be found here, alongside bicycles, unusual art and designer pieces, antique ornaments, vases, vintage books, vinyl collections, tools, household items and more. Space is always allowed for handcrafts too, and many of the pieces are quite lovely.

The whole family can definitely come along to the Trödelmarkt Marheinekeplatz. Should kids get a little weary of shopping, there is a small playground and a fountain in the summer where they can expend a bit of energy. With so many cafes in the area too, it is a great spot to visit on the weekend.

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