Broc’ Antik Market Belgium (formerly Waterloo Flea Market)

Dubbed one of the largest flea markets in Belgium, Broc' Antik Market Belgium is an improved iteration of the Waterloo Flea Market

Once located near the eponymous battlefield where French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte met its fate in 1815, the Waterloo flea market has since moved to another venue just 6 miles south from its former location. And even though this flea market is no Tongeren, it is close to Brussels, Namur, and Charleroi and well worth a look-see.

Renamed Broc’ Antik Market Belgium, the Waterloo Flea Market hasn’t lost a wee bit of its former glory. Quite the contrary in fact: From 120 vendors that used to gather every week since 1990 on an open air car park, this flea market has today grown to 500 merchants hosted on an indoor (300 exhibition spaces) and outdoor (80 to 120 exhibition spaces) area that can welcome up to 750 sellers every week! Last but not least, the organizers of Broc’ Antik Market Belgium have strengthened the vetting process of its vendors, which has helped increase the overall quality of the items sold at the flea market.

Vendors and antique dealers from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands gather every week on the outdoor and indoor areas of a huge warehouse, where they meet thousands of buyers, some of which drive as far as from the Netherlands to attend this event.

The “new” Waterloo Flea Market – as many call it – still offers a little bit of everything from antiques and retro items, and less junk and the plain bizarre as before. It is usually much fun to wander and poke around since you never know what you will find. As it’s the case with any other flea market, it is highly recommended to get there early if you are serious about flea market shopping, as this market is very well attended.

Some people complained in the past about the fact that the Waterloo flea market had been taken over by professional antique dealers, some of which have shops in les Sablons district in Brussels – near the Place du Jeu de Balle flea market. The main consequences of this flea market “gentrification” are the ever increasing prices of antiques, and the unwillingness of many merchants to haggle even for a few euros. Hopefully Broc’ Antik Market Belgium won’t go down that road, and will continue to offer a good mix of vendors catering to different groups of shoppers.

Buyers visiting Broc’ Antik Market Belgium should keep in mind that the stronger vetting process set in place by the organizers has increased the number of authentic antiques sold at the flea market. However, like everywhere else there might always be a few less reliable dealers trying to sell some fakes. If you’re looking for authentic items, you should know what you’re doing or at least bring a friend who does.

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    3 reviews

    1. Now this is no Tongeren, but close to Brussels and well worth a look-see. Easy parking and isles are wide to accommodate late-morning crowds. Would have liked to have seen more furniture but we bought a great deco lighting fixture at a very reasonable price.

    2. This flea market is ALWAYS there, rain or shine – but with less activity in the bad weather. You can buy just about anything here; they have quasi-professional sellers to those who seem to have just cleaned out their basements and attics and want to make a bit of money. Because of this, there are often very good deals to be made, so don’t be afraid to haggle a bit.

      It starts up early in the morning, I think around 7am, and starts breaking down just after noon to 1pm. I usually spend a couple of hours looking around and after a half hour stop for a burger and a coffee at one of the two wagons that sell burgers, hot dogs, coffee, hot chocolate and even some breakfast stuff like croissants and pain au chocolat.

      All in all, this is a great Sunday morning activity and you may even find a little treasure!

    3. Haven’t been to Tongeren yet which I hear is awesome. Nevertheless, this Brocante at the Carrefour near the battlefield mound is wonderfully and happens every Sunday. Recommend getting there early if you are serious about your flea market, antique, estate sale, furniture hunting etc, as this market is very well attended. Buyer beware though, there are a ton of authentic articles; however, there are less reliable dealers there trying to sell some fakes. Highly recommend this Brocante, but if looking for authentic, know what you are doing or bring a friend who does. Fun, nonetheless.

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