Tongeren Flea Market

With more than 350 exhibitors and about 40 antique shops, Tongeren hosts one of the largest weekly flea market in Belgium

With its fortification wall dating back to the Roman era and the statue of Ambiorix that can not escape the attention of passersby, Tongeren offers an ideal setting for the sale of antiques. For more than 30 years, Tongeren has seen a crowd of more than 350 exhibitors and about 40 antique shops gather once a week to display their best merchandise to the numerous visitors, in one of the largest weekly flea market in Belgium.

And in order to accommodate all 350 merchants, the Tongeren flea market spreads over 7 streets: Leopoldwal, Veemarkt, Maastrichterstraat, de Schiervelstraat, Clarissenstraat, Eburonenhal and the first level of Julianus.

Because of its size, this antiques market enjoys an international reputation, and is the place to be for a growing number of Dutch, German, French, British and American visitors, all looking for that “unique” antique or flea market piece. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear an American haggle the price of an old rococo chair or see an Italian making a scandal because a seller asks too high a price for an Art Deco vase he’d love to give his mama.

Keep in mind that prices are generally quite high at the Tongeren flea market, although bargains are always possible. Also, don’t forget to take a peek into the many small antique shops located around the market, and to relax in one of the nearby cafes or tasteful restaurants before heading back home.

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    7 reviews

    1. I have read so many marvelous things about the antique market / flea market in Tongeren which is supposed to be the biggest one in Belgium. So we visited it last Sunday.

      First of all: it is big and it is impressive. No doubt. But the atmosphere of flea markets (that I love so much) is simply not there. It is like a big exhibition of professional sellers of antique stuff, that happens to happen partly outside in the streets of a town, partly in halls and an underground level of a parking garage.

      The sellers I experienced where not willing to negotiate on the price …which I think is the biggest part of the fun on a flea market. And a lot of times the supposedly antique stuff turned out to be new stuff which was just made to look old. So, at the end of the day my personal decision is:it was nice that we have seen that but I would not go there a second time.

      My personal thoughts: for people who are looking for treasures (antique-vice + price-vice) this is not necessarily the place to be.

    2. Der größte und schönste Antiquitätenmarkt in Benelux ist in der ältesten Stadt Belgiens, Tongeren – etwas westlich von Lüttich und Maastricht und gerade einmal 120 km von Köln entfernt. Jeden Sonntag von 7-13/14h öffnen ca. 40 Läden ihre Türen, ca. 400 Strände zeigen ihre Kostbarkeiten und drei große überdachte Hallen laden zum regensicheren Bummeln ein. Dazwischen gibt es in der Innenstadt entlang der Antiquitätenstände reichlich Restaurants, Hotels und Cafes.

      Tipp: Früh anreisen und das Auto kostenlos am Bahnhof abstellen.

    3. You never know what you’re going to find here, and I absolutely love it. The largest flea market I’ve ever seen, wrapped around a large part of the old city of Tongeren. The earlier you go the better! Plan on being there several hours, and end your day with a pile of french fries smothered in whatever you please at the end!

    4. We have family in the antiques businesses, so this was not our first flea market. Overall, we loved the Tongeren market and spent an entire Sunday rooting around for treasure. We were out there at 6 am with flashlight and left after the last vendors packed up their stall around 1 pm. Our favorite part of the market was the basement of the parking garage and the adjacent basketball court building. Both of those locations had dealers that were willing to haggle and negotiate with you.

      Since we love antiques, this flea market was the whole reason we went to Tongeren as part of our trip through Belgium. Bottom line, I’m so glad we went and will almost certainly come back in a few years to this fun market!

    5. My wife and I love going to the European Antique Markets and this is one of the best, We looked all over Europe for Vintage Royal Albert Tea Sets and I found mine here and got an amazing deal, this place is worth spending a day exploring, do not miss your chance to find a treasure!

    6. I have gone multiple times with friends. Love looking for little trinkets and treasures. A great variety of items from antiques to near items. Most is outdoors but two sections of it is indoors. Most areas are big enough to take a stroller but wouldn’t really recommend taking kids here. This is definitely a fun trip to go on with your friends.

    7. Tongeren

      We have been to the Tongeren flea market on three occasions. The first was a bit dissapointing as the market had moved to another location due to a religious festival in the town. We have been back twice since and seen the full market in all its glory. Lots to see and buy. We stayed ìn the town and got into the market early – after couple of hours it was back to the hotel for breakfast and then out again for a second look. On our last visit we made a week of it visiting Tongeren first, a few days touring and then the flea market in Amiens the following Sunday . We found the Tongeren market a bit expensive however the traders will haggle and the prices get better as the day progresses.

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