Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon

Le Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon is a true Aladdin’s cave for antiques enthusiasts in Brussels

For decades the premier address for fine antiques, the Place du Grand Sablon is still the site of a small weekly antiques market that sets up in jaunty red and green–striped canvas stalls.

A true Aladdin’s cave for antiques enthusiasts, the Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon satisfy one’s crave for vintage decoration. Merchandises are mostly small wares of good quality but modest distinction—brass candlesticks, clocks and boxes, porcelain and silver for the table. And eventhough prices are relatively high, they remain reasonable when compared to Parisian flea markets like Saint Ouen-Porte de Clignancourt or Vanves.

Twice a week, the Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon drains an incredible amount of tourists and collectors, eager to rummage through luxury furniture, silverware or artwork thoughtfully showcased on any the 40 flea market stalls. The Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon offers a wide selection of trinkets to satisfy the many.

This antique market is also renown for its setting, which alone is worth a visit. In fact, the architectural ensemble surrounding the Place du Grand Sablon, brings together houses dating back to the 16th and 19th century. Nowadays, most of these buildings house antique shops, chocolatier and chocolate makers, as well as a few restaurants.

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    4 reviews

    1. A chaque fois que je vais à Bruxelles, le Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon est un passage obligé. J’adore les marchés d’antiquités, et là, c’est le pa-ra-dis. Des vendeurs et des vendeurs !

      Et on trouve aussi bien de gros meubles, que des verres précieux et des bijoux anciens…. Des lampes aussi !! A cela, ajoutez le charme de la Place du Grand Sablon, et c’est un vrai bon moment!

    2. If you collect in art, mainly non-western art, the area of the Grand Sablon and the adjacent streets is heaven on earth. Especially in African tribal art you find here some of the best dealers in the world, whose prices are better than in Paris and infinitely better than with the marauding auction houses. You can spend days going from gallery to gallery to discover a world of wonderful art. Even if you do not have deep pockets you can find something of interest that will make your day.

    3. Ne manquez pas le Marché des Antiquaires, tous les dimanches matin dans le Quartier du Sablon. Vous y verrez des choses sublimes et surprenantes. Du bijou ancien au vieux meuble d’époque. dans le quartier des Marolles, le samedi matin : marché des brocanteurs : plus de bric à brac mais en fouinant, il est possible d’y trouver son bonheur.

    4. Have been here a couple of times on Sunday, while visiting Brussels, and this area truly is one of my favorites! The Sunday market is so interesting, packed with beautiful things to buy (or just browse!). What I appreciate is the fact that locals hang around here too!

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