Waterlooplein Markt

A big outdoor bazaar with 300 stands, best for second hand clothing, a few antiques and full of general bric-a-brac

Waterlooplein is the oldest flea market of Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands. It was established one hundred and thirty-one years ago, and hosts nowadays 300 hundred stalls which operate six days a week.

The Waterlooplein Flea market is traditionally the oldest market of Amsterdam, but paradoxically, during the last ten years, it has been connected with the youth culture. That explain why visitors can mainly buy here trendy t-shirts, old military uniforms, Che Guevara posters, cheap canned spray paints for the graffiti, objects from underdeveloped countries of Africa and Asia, old books, video’s and DVD’s, electronics, curiosa, and of course… a lot of garbage.

Visitors with a bit of know-how will quickly notice that antiques related merchants merely represent 25% of all sellers. And most of them only have some kind of bric-a-brac on retail or fake antiques (the typical engraved sperm-whale teeth, sailing objects in “copper”, retro prints, etc)

If you are not in the mood of digging your hands in dirty boxes, haggling for crappy stuff or in a bit of a hurry, just dodge the Waterlooplein flea market and dedicate your time to other venues like the IJ-Hallen flea market, or other antiques and vintage shops around the city.

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4 reviews

  1. Waterlooplein Markt is today not what it used to be. This outdoor market has lost a lot of charm over the decades by becoming very commercial and losing the depth in quaint little stalls. Still worth a quick visit for the vintage clothes, just don’t expect any great deals.

  2. It is interesting for its history and cultural aspect. You will find many terrible things mixed with some great ones in the flea market. If you have the patience and time to walk around, you might be pleasantly surprised. They only take cash there. Another one had nice women t-shirts and dresses with great fabric. The market is not beautiful but it is interesting to visit overall. From there you can walk to Rembrandtplein and have a nice meal/coffee.

  3. This is not what it used to be: it is now a bit too touristy and it lost its Flea market idea and the prices are higher than a average flea market but of you walk equally to the official Flea market Street you can find some cheaper stores with real Flea market stuff, I still love this place it got a great market atmosphere go and check it!

  4. While not as interesting or varied as the De Looier Antiques Market, this is still nice for a short stroll. Some of the items are sadly new touristy souvenirs.

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