Antique Shops in Ravnsborggade

Once a street exclusively known for its antiques, Ravnsborggade has become today an interesting blend of bars, cafés, vintage stores and still is one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen

Close to Copenhagen’s Lakes at the end of Nørrebrogade, you will find the cozy and vibrant street of Ravnsborggade. From being a street exclusively known for its antiques, it has become today an interesting blend of bars, cafés, vintage stores and still is one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen. Once exclusively dedicated to antiques, the Ravnsborggade district has developed into a trendy mix of small designers shops, cafes and restaurants making it an attractive shopping destination.

Even though Ravnsborggade is nowadays famous for its wine bars and is one of the hottest places in Copenhagen to get insanely drunk amongst Danish students, it still retains part of its antiquing heritage. Antique stores are still well represented along Sankt Hans Gade (dahl.antik., Skt.Hans Bazar) and Ravnsborggade (Veirhanen, Gyrn Antik, Ingerslev Antik). These stores are filled to the brim with interesting finds, to be explored and experienced. Visitors can find furniture from the last couple of centuries, paintings, Royal Danish Porcelain, silverware, and glass as well as more modern design and interior decorating.

Visitors can also discover trendy fashion stores, hidden like tiny gems between the antique stores, offering everything from high priced international brands to Scandinavian brands as well as custom made clothes. Further down in Ryesgade, passersby will be able to spot the local brewery alongside jewelry shops. Additional shopping can be made in the two small side streets of Ravnsborg Tværgade and Sankt Hans Gade.

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    1. You´ll find a lot of antique shops in Ravsborggade, next to Nørrebrogade, across the lakes, and some in Nordre Frihavnsgade too. But antique and vintage shops exist almost everywhere. Also, a big weekly Saturday flea market takes place on the square behind the Frederiksberg Rådhus town hall.

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