Ravnsborggades Loppemarked

Ravnsborggades Loppemarked is one of Copenhagen's most attractive shopping destination, hosting an exciting variety of antique shops, designer boutiques, galleries and restaurants

If Copenhagen’s regular markets don’t sound exciting enough for you, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the cozy and lively Ravnsborggade market in Norrebro. Although this flea market is not held as frequently as the Remisen Market or the Loppemarkedet, the Ravnsborggade market nonetheless offers spectacular finds for those ready to put effort into some proper rummaging.

More importantly, however, the open-air market, located on the streets of Ravnsborggade and Sankt Hans Gade, is much more than a simple flea market. Both streets host an exciting variety of antique shops, designer boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, making it an attractive shopping destination.

The antique stores are still dominating the street and are full of interesting finds, to be explored and experienced in the extensive shops that often extend into the basements and backyards. Antique lovers can find furniture from the last few centuries, Royal Danish Porcelain, paintings, silverware, and glass as well as more modern design and interior decorating.

With the trading in full swing, all these venues bring their business to the streets and transform the market into a real community event hosting up to 250 private and professional vendors. The atmosphere at Ravnsborggade markets is unique, well worthy of being high on any traveler’s list of Copenhagen markets to visit.

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    2 reviews

    1. Offbeat antiques and a great Sunday morning street market.

    2. Norrebro’s Ravnsborggade is a great street for more offbeat antique shopping, and you’ve a far greater chance of finding a bargain here than on downtown Bredgade. Along Ravnsborggade itself as well as nearby streets Sankt Hans Gade and Sortedam Dossering, antique stores run the gamut from second hand bric a brac and retro designs to upmarket dealers, and there’s a number of excellent cafes and restaurants in the area if you feel in need of a refreshment break.

      Should you feel in need of green space, the picturesque Lakes are also close by. Street market on Sundays from 10am March to November.

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