Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair

Ardingly International Antiques and Collectors Fair features a combination of over 1,700 indoor and outdoor stands, and the opportunity to indulge in a little vintage shopping and hours of professional trading

With its convenient links to the capital, Ardingly International Antiques and Collectors Fair is a truly cosmopolitan antique event. Because it is located only one hour away from London, 12 miles from Gatwick and only 90 minutes from Dover, this fair is a hot spot for local and national dealers and buyers who regularly attend the largest IACF event in the south of England. And its proximity to the Channel means vendors come from continental Europe and further east to sell here, and buyers come even from Asia and North America.

Up to 1,700 stalls housing thousands of goods – from fine antique furniture to delicate ceramics – are available here. The Ardingly International Antiques and Collectors Fair has a reputation as one of the UK antique fairs where quality European decorative items can be found.

The setting of this substantial flea market is almost pastoral – and its great appeal is that you can find just about anything. Ardingly International Antiques and Collectors Fair embraces the traditional antique trade (fine china, silver, jewellery, paintings), collectors (stamps, coins, postcards), the fast-growing vintage crowd, fans of rustic, primitive and everyday objects, and decor and design types, looking for unusual bits of furniture or quirky accent pieces.

With a combination of inside and outdoor stands, this mid-week fair is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little vintage shopping – or hours of professional trading!

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    1. Der Ardingly Antiques Fair ist riesig: Kilometerweit Stände, fast 2.000 Händler – einer der größten Antikmärkte, ich je gesehen hat. Händler aus ganz Europa decken sich hier mit erstklassigen Antiquitäten ein. Ich erbeutet ein Portrait von Queen Victoria, Keramiken der Manufaktur Wedgwood, einen typisch britischen „Sutherland Table” und einen antiken Spielautomaten.

    2. If you are in the South East – or indeed a bit further a field – Ardingly is well worth a visit. IACF run antique fairs and markets all over the country, so there may even be one happening nearer to you. It is held on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and the entrance fee is £20 for the Tuesday (which allows entrance on a Wednesday too) and £5 if you just go on a Wednesday. I would recommend you look at the schedule on their website to check for dates, as Ardingly does not run every month.

      There are lots of people that buy for trade at the market, so Tuesday is it’s busiest day. I have only ever been on a Wednesday, as that’s what suits me best. There is still plenty to look at – and buy! There is almost too much lovely stuff, and I don’t think I’ve ever managed to make my way round it all yet. Plus on a Wednesday you can get a better deal, as some stallholders want to sell what they have bought, so are willing to drop their prices.

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