Brocantage Fiera dell’Antico

One of the most important and valued events in Novegro, "Brocantage Fiera dell'Antico" is home to around 200 exhibitors who showcase their treasures to over 6000 attendees

Discover countless Italian antiques, paintings and furnishings at this lavish second-hand market located in Novegro in the region of Lombardia in Milan. Designed in 1986 by lawyer Vincenzo Pagliuzzi, the exhibition is an original and colorful attraction for both locals and visitors.

The Ancient Fair of Novegro is inspired by the vintage markets beyond the Alps. With stylish objects such as furniture, paintings, homeware, old mechanical and electrical equipment, comic books, accessories, musical instruments and so much more.

Swarms of fans and collectors invade this flea market every year, ready to find classic antique delights. The same exhibitors and customers come back to “Brocantage Fiera dell’Antico” time and time again, because it is a market with a warm atmosphere that never disappoints. Rummage through vendors stalls and find ornate photo frames, colored glass vases, delicate silverware and classic dolls.

If you own a VIP Brocantage card then you can enter this vintage market completely free, otherwise entry is 10 euros. However, a discounted rate of 5 euros is offered to children under 12 (0-6 years is free), disabled attendees or members of the military. Some editions of the market are organized as specific topic-only exhibitions. Adding a theme not only increases the public’s attention of the event, it also makes each and every event simply unmissable.

The surrounding area of Novegro is simply breath-taking, the countryside and architecture is inspiring. Just a 5-minutes drive from the market you can find the Palazzo Monadori, an impressive structural landmark designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the same architect that designed the Cathedral of Brasília in Brazil.

Another popular nearby destination is the Idropark Fila, which is a beautiful spot in Spring. The lake is a popular spot with locals, however not many tourists are aware that it exists. It’s great for escaping the hustle and bustle of Milan and breathing in some clean, fresh air.

“Brocantage Fiera dell’Antico” grows in popularity year after year, its friendly atmosphere draws customers in and the quality antiques make them want to stay. It is without a doubt the best vintage shopping destination in the district.

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