Brocante Saint Pholien

A true “Champs Elysee flea market” Brocante Saint Pholien is operated and attended by both Liegeois and other citizens of the Euroregion

The Saint Pholien flea market is located just a few steps away from the city center of Liege, and has become over time, in the opinion of connoisseurs, a true “Champs Elysee flea market” run both by Liegeois and other citizens of the Euroregion. Yet it exudes a friendly village atmosphere.

Once a week, around 200 sellers, mostly professional merchants, gather on the Boulevard de la Constitution and the square Jehan-le-Bel, to sell a variety of quality merchandises. The items sold, usually come straight from attics and their prices are often very affordable.

The Saint Pholien flea market is not very big and it will not take you more than 2 hours to go around. After that you’ll have time to visit the city and enjoy a good meal accompanied by a local beer in one of the nearby old cafés and brasseries.

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3 reviews

  1. Principalement des professionnels et on trouve pas mal de ‘brols’ (outils dépareillés, vieux vêtements) mais encore possible de trouver de vieux objets, bibelots, livres, cartes postales ou meubles sympa. Tous les vendredis de l’aube à midi (peu de prolongations, n’arrivez pas trop tard) sur toute la longueur du boulevard de la Constitution.

  2. Il faut au moins une fois faire les puces de Saint-Pholien. Pour l’ambiance, la convivialité, le dépaysement ou les bonnes affaires, les raisons sont nombreuses d’aller découvrir de marché typique et hétéroclite!

  3. This flea market located on the boulevard of the constitution in St Pholien is organized every Friday morning. One can find all kinds of antiques, sometimes of quality. The area is neither clean nor well attended, but in a flea market one can ignore this negative aspect of things.

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