TEFAF Maastricht

Considered one of the world's leading art fairs and a highly anticipated event throughout the art and antiquing community, TEFAF Maastricht showcases once a year 275 of the world's most prestigious galleries from 20 countries, selling some of the best works of art currently on the market

TEFAF Maastricht is an annual art, antiques, and design fair, organized by The European Fine Art Foundation. It has been taking place in the city of Maastricht since 1988. The event takes place over 10 days and during this time attracts more than 75,000 visitors from all over the world. 275 of the world’s most prestigious galleries from 20 countries are on display at the fair. TEFAF Maastricht is therefore considered to be one of the world’s leading art fairs and is highly anticipated throughout the art and antiquing community.

The intention of TEFAF Maastricht is to take 10 days of the year to showcase some of the best works of art currently on the market. Visitors to the event can see and buy a wide variety of artistic works. Of course, there are always fabulous examples of the traditional areas of Old Master Paintings and antique works of art. Alongside these is a selection of classical modern and contemporary art, jewelry, photography, 20th-century design, and works on paper.

TEFAF Maastricht undertakes some of the most stringent quality controls for its exhibits seen anywhere in the world. The organizers are proud of their reputation for guaranteeing authenticity for every painting and object on offer, therefore participants are subject to a strict selection process. The vetting system involves 175 international experts who examine every single item to be included in the fair. Each item is judged for its quality, authenticity, and condition. This gives shoppers and collectors complete confidence in their purchases from this fair, which only adds to the pleasure of attending as it makes the purchasing decision that bit easier!

Since 2017, TEFAF Maastricht attempted an expansion and organized two smaller events in New York. These take place in the spring and autumn. However, the annual event in the Netherlands is considered to be the jewel in the crown of antique fairs. There are precious few opportunities to see 7000 years of art history displayed under one roof, so the chance should be seized upon by all collectors at least once in a lifetime.

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