Brocantes du carré Popincourt

The carré Popincourt is a true hidden gem in the city of Paris, with the feel of authenticity, incredible food, great bakeries, family businesses that have been passed down through generation, and of course, antique and vintage shops

The area known as carré Popincourt is a true hidden gem in the city of Paris. The whole block has the feel of authenticity, a far cry from the more touristy areas of the city, with incredible food, great bakeries, and family businesses that have been passed down through generations. Turning the corner Rue de Nemours brings you into the middle of the Popincourt market square, which is home to many second-hand shops stocking wonderful vintage and antique items.

Seven main stores make up the bulk of the incredible antique district at Brocantes du carré Popincourt. At Belle Lurette and Trolls et Puces, visitors will find a large selection of items on display from nine individual traders, who constantly renew their stock to please their patrons. The store is an old workshop, transformed into somewhat of an Ali Baba’s cave, and visitors never know what they may find within. Alasinglinglin and Deviations favor more vintage trends and offer customers a great soundtrack to shop along to! Recycling specializes in industrial furniture and upcycled items, and La Chose tends to those more interested in historical, artistic pieces.

With the whole of Paris to compete with, the popularity of the charming Brocantes du carré Popincourt is a testament to both the incredible items that can be found there are the atmosphere fostered by the store owners and stallholders. It does not hurt, of course, that there are so many wonderful opportunities for refreshment in the many surrounding cafes and a particularly tasty pizzeria.

Another thing that is pleasing to those that find the Brocantes du carré Popincourt is the pricing. When you are used to paying Paris prices, it is refreshing to find a collection of antique stores that are more reasonably priced. It is the perfect area to pick up some fantastic souvenirs without breaking the budget.

Last but not least, the carré Popincourt is located only a few subway stops away from some of Paris’ best places to go antiquing: Le Village Saint-Paul, the Brocante de la Place d’Aligre, les Bouquinistes, the Carré Rive Gauche, and the rue de Bretagne that hosts twice a year one of Paris’ most famous flea market.

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