Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt

In the centre of Zürick, Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt holds the second largest but most favorite flea market in the city once a week through summer and early Fall.

In the centre of Zürich, Bürkliplatz hosts once a week through summer and early autumn, the second largest but most favorite flea market in the city. Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt begins at the south end of Bahnhofstrasse, the most exclusive shopping street in Zürich.

Perhaps due to the close proximity of stores like Givenchy and Prada, Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt itself boasts a lot of upscale, high quality items. In fact, the objectives of the organizers of the Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt are clear: to keep the different characters of the flea marketers together and to maintain the quality of the offer high.

In fact, a  large part of the regular salesmen are members at the association Vereinigung Zürcher Flohmarkt, which was established back in 1971. The offer varies between genuine antique furniture and paintings, to bronze, photography, glassware, silverware, crockery, jewelry and fine china, therefore making this flea market always extremely attractive. Visitors to the Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt can almost always look forward to attractive bargains. Also, this flea market emanates a very comfortable, friendly vibe. Vendors can often be found socializing at the food and drinks stand in the center of the stalls!

Since Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt is known for its high quality offerings, it is advised to arrive early to seek out the most valuable items. Stalls open from 06:00 am, and often the best pieces have long gone before 9am.

The central location makes the Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt incredibly accessible. It is an historic and picturesque location too, close to both Lake Zürich and the arboretum. The whole place is a pedestrianized area and there is a tram stop right on the square.

The diversity of the Bürkliplatz Flohmarkt makes it a really pleasant place to visit. Whether antique aficionado or a hunter for household bargain, there truly is something for everyone and it is hard to leave empty handed.

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