Kunst- Und Trödelmarkt am Fehrbelliner Platz

Trödelmarkt am Fehrbelliner Platz provides a truly authentic and original flea market experience, like in few other places in Berlin

Located on the outskirts of Berlin city ring, in the Wilmersdorf district, the traditional flea market am Fehrbelliner Platz, is a place for art lovers and flea market fans. Sometimes affectuously referred to by its nickname “Fehrbi”, the art and flea market is open two days a week (depending on the season). It is located right on the esplanade of the metro station “Fehrbellinerplatz“.

The Art & flea market on Fehrbellinerplatz mostly showcases art and antiques, but clothing, furniture and other junk items are also sold. The market exclusively offers used products: selling new items is expressly prohibited by the market management.

However, various booth sell handmade goods, often made from recycled materials. Incidentally, several artists, gallery owners and art dealers show up at the flea market am Fehrbelliner Platz to sell their paintings. From fine art and portraits to crafts and smaller installations, its is possible to find pretty much everything.

Last but not least, the Fehrbelliner Platz flea market also has a few food stalls to satisfy all kinds of appetites. The very location of the flea market, ideally situated near cafes and boulevards leading to the Fehrbelliner Platz, make it an attraction to many passersby. Also, the Fehrbelliner Platz station features a shopping arcade with 20 retail spaces that daily attract a large audience to the Fehrbelliner Platz.

The Park Café, which is located directly on the Fehrbelliner Platz, attracts numerous visitors and also offers flea market visitors a comfortable place to relax and indulge after a morning spent strolling the many flea markets’ booths.

Due to its long tradition, the Art and Flea Market on Fehrbelliner Platz is not only popular among long-established Ur-Berliners, but also among tourists. During the Kunstmeilen-Saison, the Fehrbelliner Platz flea market takes place twice a week and is almost always populated by numerous visitors rummaging between the booths.

Experienced buyers who have regularly been strolling this flea market for years, know that haggling at the Fehrbelliner Platz flea market requires a bit of negotiating skills. “Just be brave,” is the motto here for a successful purchase. Start by asking for instance “Wo liegt Ihre Schmerzgrenze für das Objekt?”, and wait for the merchant to get back to you with a proper offer. From here, offer a slightly lower bid (15 to 20% below the price the seller gave you), and go on with the negotiation.

With enough negotiating skills, it is really possible to find great deals at the Fehrbelliner Platz flea market. Overall, the Fehrbelliner Platz Market offers a truly authentic and original flea market experience, like in few other places in Berlin.

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    3 reviews

    1. Ein kleiner Trödelmarkt mit vielem Allei. Eine gute Gelegenheit seine Arbeitspause der anliegenden Unternehmen hier zu verbringen. Neben kleinen Ständen mit etwas Essbarem findet man hier sehr viel Flohmarktschnickschnack. Und das alles zu einem kleinen Preis.

    2. Der Markt ist recht klein, aber es wird alles Mögliche, was man erwartet, auch angeboten. Die Lage ist halt super. Nebenan das Parkcafé und der Park. Man kann also trotz der bescheidenen Größe in dieser Ecke mehrere Stunden zubringen.

    3. There are many flea-markets in Berlin and this is one that I go to regularly. If, like me, you like the atmosphere of flea markets then you should like this one. This market is well kept in comparison with some others and the products are of a good standard. Prices vary of course but you can haggle and I have found that on the most part people will settle for a fair price. You will notice that the people at this market tend to be a bit older but that does not mean that is is old fashioned and boring, perhaps the area is just a little less trendy with the younger customer.

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