Suarezstrasse – Die Berliner Antikstrasse

Home to an abundance of captivating antique stores, Die Berliner Antikstrasse lies within the affluent area of Charlottenburg, Berlin.

A trip to Berlin is incomplete without taking a stroll along Suarezstrasse and exploring all of the eccentric wonders that it has to offer. This mile-long flea market is brimming with Art Deco furniture, paintings, and retro trinkets, all available at unbeatable prices.

Boasting over 30 stores showcasing a spectacular array of collectibles, estate purchases, and vintage curiosities, Suarezstrasse – also known as Die Berliner Antikstrasse and The Antique Mile – is known and adored by many locals. However, it still remains a mystery to a huge portion of the cities tourists.

This street was named after the jurist Carl Gottlieb Suarez in July of 1897. It was in the seventies that Suarezstrasse was established as a specialist street for antiques and collectibles, during the period of “Sperrmüllaktionen” in Berlin.

Today, the road perfectly connects the past with the present – the mesmerizing old-fashioned structures invite visitors from afar and embody the vibrancy of the Antique Mile. All of the shops on this street are carefully curated and believe that the most important thing is customer satisfaction!

If you’re looking vintage glasses, such as vases, drinking vessels, and serving bowls – pop to Schöne alte Gläser at no.58 for a beautiful selection from the 1750s to the 1960s. Antik-Center Suarezstrasse can be found at no. 48-49, there you will discover a large showroom adorned with vintage memorabilia, artwork, and cabinets full of delicate jewelry. For European furniture and accessories from the 1950s onwards, visit DESIGN54 at no. 54-56.

On the first Saturday of September, the team at Suarezstrasse organize a yearly feast for the eyes and senses. Up to 30,000 visitors make their way to the Antique Mile for a special street festival where they can shop for retro goodies on outside stalls, enjoy live music and witness unexpected surprises. For a full list of dealers and their opening hours, visit the Suarezstrasse website.

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