Trödelmarkt Straße des 17. Juni

Overlooking many historic landmarks, Trödelmarkt Straße des 17. Juni offers a break from Berlin's bustling activity.

The Straße des 17. Juni flea market (also known as Der Original Berliner Trödelmarkt) in Berlin, looks back on a long tradition. The market takes place twice a week, at the famous Straße des 17. Juni, on both sides of the Charlottenburger Tor, near the S-Bahn Tiergarten. Therefore, locals also refer to this market as Charlottenburg Flea Market or Tiergarten Flea Market.

The Flea Market at Straße des 17. Juni is particularly central and nestled in the heart of Berlin’s history. It is very popular among locals and tourists alike (and among famous personalities too!), and many travel guides recommend it, because it is surrounded by historic landmarks.

The Straße des 17. Juni flea market has all sorts of junks on retail (only “vintage” stuff, as new items are prohibited). Items on sale include furniture, records, old movies, computer games, vintage clothing, accessories, porcelain, jewelry and old paintings. Anyone looking for bargains should show up at the flea market as early as possible. This applies to any flea market around the world. No exception here, except that this flea market only “opens its gates” at 9:45 a.m., which is a pretty decent time compared to most flea markets.

At around 10:00 a.m. the flea market has not yet been (generally speaking) strolled by hordes of visitors. It is the best time of the day to browse the stalls one by one, in a relaxed ambiance. As the day goes by, however, more and more people flock at the flea market; various guides and their groups of tourists, fill the alleys, and the best antiques and unique gems are already gone by then.

The price level of most items sold at the flea market is not too high, as no luxury goods per se are retailed. Art items are of pretty high quality, but still remain affordable. The communication between dealers and buyers is rather loose and after a hard bargaining/haggling, everyone meets around a cup of tea or coffee (beer works too) to celebrate the deal.

Overlooking the Tiergarten, the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate, the Straße des 17. Juni flea market is by itself a small retreat that offers a break from the bustling activity of the city.

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    6 reviews

    1. This market is maybe worth a visit if you happen to stumble upon it, but I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip to see it. It’s mainly vintage old stuff that can be way overpriced. Not that much variety. I’d go instead to Mauerpark or the flea market by the Bode Museum.

    2. Ich komme immer wieder gerne nach Berlin und ein Marktbesuch steht immer ganz oben auf der Liste. Man findet immer schöne einzigartige Antiquitäten. Die Auswahl der Ware ist gigantisch. Alle sind sehr freundlich, die Atmosphäre ist locker und gelassen.

    3. This flea market has been in operation a very long time and even in West Berlin times when I was at high school, it has been the flea market with the highest prices and the best quality goods. It’s a nice place to wander around and people watch. No bargains here at all but it’s not the place to go for that. It’s a nice outing on Sunday morning or afternoon to browse and pick up the odd item. Most stall holders have been here for decades and pre-select the things they sell carefully. If you want an alternative market, go to Mauerpark. If you want a neighborhood browse in a real Kiez, go to Boxhagener Platz – both also on Sundays. This one here is the adult, civilized version for people with some money to spend.

    4. This is an interesting Flea Market with lot on offer and with varied prices. To be frank not everything was up to my taste but in the end I couldn’t resist a wonderful Chinese carving on bone. Fake? Real? Old? New? Bargain? Rip off? Who cares, it wasn’t very expensive and it will be my souvenir of a wonderful holiday.
      I did bargain the price: offered what I wanted to pay and got it.

      Lots of porcelain and China and if it is a cold day, a full length Blackgama fur coat will cost you 250 euros (and this was before bargaining!)

    5. Hier wird viel Silberbesteck, Postkarten und Bücher angeboten. Wirkliche Raritäten oder Schnäppchen findet man hier nicht.

    6. Visited this market Saturday 24 Sept 2016. Mixed collection of selected decorative home pieces, Jewellery, art, Midcentury modern and collectables. Some bric-a- brac but not much. Stock upper end… Prices are expensive. In the UK we would pay about 3rd of the price.. But a nice looking well organized market… More like an antiques market rather than a flea! 50 stalls upwards.

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