Frederiksberg Loppetorv

One of the biggest and busiest flea markets in Copenhagen, hosting over 90 stalls in a fashionable area of the city with excellent shopping opportunities and many green spaces.

Formally an independent municipality, Frederiksberg is an affluent area of Copenhagen with excellent shopping opportunities and many green spaces. In fact, Frederiksberg is more fashionable than Vesterbro and Nørrebro, and its residents are usually older and more established. Frederiksberg is particularly renown for shopping, as this municipality features many clothing shops as well as sushi restaurants, cafes and deli’s. However, one of Frederiksberg’s highlights is its weekly flea market: Frederiksberg Loppetorv or Frederiksberg flea market.

Open every Saturday from beginning of April to mid October in the nearby parking space next to the Frederiksberg City Hall, Frederiksberg Loppetorv is one of the largest and busiest flea markets in Copenhagen.

Frederiksberg flea market features over 90 stalls which offer almost everything you can wish for, particularly when the citizens of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg choose to tidy up in their attic and get rid of their affluence.

Among other things, visitors usually go to Frederiksberg Loppetorv to shop for Danish fashion and second-hand clothes, antique furniture, antique crockery, Danish design decor items, design lamps, books, ceramics, glassware, silverware, vintage toys and music instruments.

Due to the upscale nature of the neighborhood, items sold at Frederiksberg Loppetorv tend to be of high quality, making it a good bet to find great and useful stuff at reasonable prices. Food stalls and beer tents regularly set up at Frederiksberg flea market, so flea market enthusiasts can enjoy a Danish hotdog and a glass of “Gammel Dansk” bitter while they take a stroll. Keep in mind that depending on the weather and time of year (spring/ autumn) the Frederiksberg flea market may be at less than full capacity. It can therefore sometimes be pretty dismal…

Shoppers who wish to take a shortcut straight to Danish antiques and vintage merchandises, should visit loppehylder (literally “flea shelves” in english). This flea market-like shop is located next to Frederiksberg flea market, and operates every day from 10 am to 6 pm – Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Loppehylder is based on a fairly common concept in Denmark: residents rent a set of shelves for one or two weeks, and sell their items at a fix price. Since the items are commissioned by their respective owners,  it is not possible to haggle prices down. But flea market enthusiasts might find their happiness there: Mid century modern Danish furniture, vintage crockery, Danish ceramic, vintage home decor, design light fixtures, pictures, and paintings, litterally overflow in this little shop and at a rather reasonable price – considering the cost of living in Denmark.

The Frederiksberg flea market and loppehylder are definitelly a great combo for a fruitful antique shopping day in Copenhagen.

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