Gentofte Loppemarked

Held every Sunday in the summer, just off Charlottenlund Station in a wealthy suburb of Copenhagen, the 70 stalls strong Gentofte Loppemarked is a a real magnet for flea market enthusiasts and thrifters.

Ideally located just off Charlottenlund Station in the wealthy Gentofte suburb of Copenhagen, Gentofte Loppemarked is a a real magnet for flea market enthusiasts and thrifters who do not hesitate once a week to catch an early train from Copenhagen Central Station to be among the first visitors to stroll the flea market premises.

Held every Sunday in the summer from mid April to early October, Gentofte Flea Market usually hosts approximately 70 private vendors – almost all residents from this relatively affluent area of Copenhagen, who usually sell cool designer clothes and lots of other treasures with big discounts. And with such bargains to be made, no wonder why Gentofte Loppemarked is hugely popular among the suburbs’ families of Copenhagen! This flea market attracts up to 3,000 visitors every weekend, an on a good weekend it is not uncommon for a vendor to make as much as DKK 3,000 (USD$500).

In terms of merchandises, Gentofte Loppemarked is often compared to the fashionable Frederiksberg Loppetorv, one of the biggest and busiest flea markets in Copenhagen, while remaining more affordable. Some of the most interesting items to see and find in Gentofte include antique Royal Copenhagen porcelain, ceramic, crystal glassware, vintage Danish design furniture, crockery, cutlery, gorgeous Raadvad Danish bread slicer, old Danish cast iron bottle opener, knick-knacks, and of course a lot of second hand clothes and fashion accessories.

It is generally advised to bring a lot of cash because it is not possible to pay vendors with credit cards, and there are no ATM on the flea market premises. As always with flea markets, the early birds gets the worm, and it is recommended to show up early at the Gentofte Loppemarked, as the flea market attracts a lot visitors, and the nicest stuff gets sold at first.

Gentofte Flea Market is held every weekend, rain, snow or shine, and is easy to get to as both buses and trains run right to the door, and there is also plenty of parking spaces in the area. Because of its proximity to the former royal summer residence Charlottenlund Palace (Charlottenlund Slot in Danish), a trip to Gentofte Loppemarked is not complete without an excursion in the palace’s baroque garden.

Gentofte Flea Market is operated by Overførstergården, a self-governing institution founded in 1991 to help homeless with alcoholic problems and psychosocial difficulties. The flea market was opened in October 2000 and is run as a revenue-capped company where the profit is used for the benefit of offering holistic help and equal rights to homeless, including access to housing, social care, treatment, education, labour and lesiure time activities.

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