Loppelunden loppemarked

With its fifty-odd stalls, Loppelunden offers second hand and vintage items but also material for your own upcycling projects.

Copenhagen is a must-see for lovers of European architecture and inventive design. It is also home to an incredible number of markets dedicated to all and sundry, from food to arts and crafts.

If after visiting Copenhagen’s favourite treasure hunt venues for antiques and collectibles like Thorvaldsens Plads, Ravnsborggade or Loppemarket i Remisen, you’re not yet done, then you might want to head to Loppelunden flea market.

Located a few miles north from Copenhagen’s city center (it takes approximately 15 minutes to reach it in train from Copenhagen Central station), Loppelunden loppemarked is a tiny flea market located right next to Emdrup station, in a lovely residential area surrounded by old maple trees.

Every Sunday from April to October, groups of flea market enthusiasts flock to Emdrup to attend Loppelunden flea market. “Loppelunden” means “flea grove” in Danish, and it is truly a small oasis, where both locals and foreigners come to find that special flea market treasure. With its five wooden shacks that used to be garages and its fifty-odd stalls filled with used items, antiques and clothes, Loppelunden offers second-hand and upcycled items, but also material for your own upcycling projects, no matter how (un)experienced you are.

The vendors selling at Loppelunden, are primarily people selling their private belongings which can be everything from furniture and lamps to clothes and jewelry – and everything in between. But the flea market also hosts a few professional vendors selling vintage items.

Loppelunden also features an outdoor café where the furniture is all created from used materials such as pallets, an old ladder, surfboards etc. – and even a swing made out of an old tire. As a matter of facts, if you’re into “upcycling” (basically reusing old materials and products to create something new and usually better), then Loppelunden loppemarked is the place you want to visit in Copenhagen.

Apart from being a classic flea market, Loppelunden is also creating awareness on recycling and environmental issue. Mainly through their facebook page but also by inviting upcyclers and other environmentalists to create small workshops at the market place.

Loppelunden is located 500 meters north of Emdrup station. To get there take the A-train towards Farum. It takes approximately 15 minutes from Copenhagen Central station. When you get to Emdrup station keep walking in the same direction as the train (north) and signs will guide you the last 500 meters.

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