Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa

A regular affair since 1962, Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa is a huge and wonderful antiquing extravaganza, which takes place once a year in the summer over a long weekend

Held at Helsingborg Arena, Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa (Helsingborg Arts and Antique Fair)
is a huge and wonderful antiquing extravaganza in Sweden. The event is organized to take place once a year in the summer over a long weekend, and has been a regular affair since 1962. Helsingborg Arena is a large, modern, indoor location, so regardless of how warm the summer may be there is no need to sweat while shopping here. It is also an easy location to find, so there is no excuse to miss this event!

More than 10,000 eager shoppers make their way to Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa each year, and the popularity shows no signs of slowing. Organizers have always been clear that quality of goods is of utmost importance, and therefore this fair has a longstanding reputation for selling only the best antiques and vintage items. With so many visitors, one could worry that the fair feels a little overcrowded, but it is arranged in such a way that no matter the crowds, shoppers never feel that they are fighting for space.

One hall at the Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa is dedicated to members of The Swedish Art and Antique Dealers Association. These vendors are united by their depth of knowledge and the focus on quality items. Exhibitors ensure their stands are set up in such a way to highlight their most precious treasures and draw in the browsing crowds. Even a layman can not fail to be impressed by the goods on display here, and collectors will have a field day.

The other halls at the Helsingborgs Konst & Antikmässa are packed with a wide range of antiques. There are furniture pieces large and small, carpets and other textiles, artwork, sculpture, silver, ceramics, jewelry, glass and porcelain, to name just a few. Though this fair only comes around once a year, it is definitely worth the wait.

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