Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market

The monthly Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market offers up trinkets and treasures from gone days, as well as amazing food and refreshments in a laid back atmosphere

Florence is full of surprises, with something new to experience around every corner and something exciting to find on every market. The monthly Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market offers up trinkets and treasures from gone days, as well as amazing food and refreshments. This vintage market is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, and should certainly not be missed.

Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market is a typical Italian affair, in that it is free of the frantic browsers and desperate collectible-hunters one can spot for instance at Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Market, who usually arrive at the crack of dawn to have first dibs at the wares.

Things at Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market are instead rather laid back, and it seems that many locals are here to simply hang out and enjoy the day. That is not to say that there are not wonderful goods on offer to those that do want to shop. With its rich, artistic history and culture, the treasures that can be found on flea markets in Florence are certainly worth looking for.

There are some fantastic items of furniture to be found at Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market: art deco lamps, vintage clothing, textiles and rugs, clocks, old radios and telephones, prints, artwork, table sculptures and other ornaments, silverware, china pieces, toys and more. There is always a great selection of merchandise, which changes regularly, so you can visit as many times as you like and find something new each time.

Many of the vendors at Piazza Santo Spirito Flea Market are regulars, setting up shop each time the market is open for trade. They are therefore pretty familiar with one another, and clearly enjoy the company and the banter that comes with being regular traders. Everyone here is really friendly, and keen to engage in a little chit chat. Vendors are also happy to talk about their wares and bargain over prices, meaning there are great deals to be had as long as you bring cash.

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