Puces de la Grange Rouge

Puces de la Grange Rouge welcomes three times a year between 600 and 800 exhibitors stretching their stalls over 5 hectares of meadows and orchards, and more than 17 000 visitors

Stretching over 5 hectares of meadows and orchards, with several original 17th century buildings scattered around the premise, the area surrounding La Grange Rouge gives a forestaste of what one can expect to find in the vast and fertile region of Bresse Bourguignonne. And there couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop for La Grange Rouge’s triannual flea market fair, than this one.

Puces de la Grange Rouge has been a regular fixture in the calendar for many years now, and many vendors make sure to attend year after year. This flea market hosts in average between 600 and 800 exhibitors spread over 3.5 km, and welcomes over 17 000 visitors each year. There are plenty of typical flea market items, some wonderful vintage items and a lot of antiques spread among the wares.

There really is something for everyone to enjoy at Puces de la Grange Rouge. There are pieces of furniture, antique farming equipment and gardening implements, antique crockery, glassware, vintage toys, comics, collectable, others just enjoyable, second hand books, vintage garments, lamps, ornaments of all shapes and sizes and so much more.

Almost as important as finding a hidden gem or getting a good bargain, is to give some Burgundy culinary specialities a shot. There are food and refreshments stalls dotted throughout the flea market, so you are never more than a short walk away from a pit stop. After all, Burgundy is also famous for its wine, cheese and delicious cuisine! There is also traditional live music around, so those that are a little tired of shopping can relax, enjoy the scenery and stay entertained!

Puces de la Grange Rouge is a fairly rare event, setting up stalls only three times each year and taking advantage of the best summer weather. It is obviously a grand outdoor affair, and feels like a real community celebration. It is one flea market that anyone who enjoys antique shopping should be sure to attend at least once.

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