Trödelmarkt Spandau

An indoor flea market that attracts every week many visitors from Berlin and its surrounding areas

The Spandau flea market is held three times a week in the antique flea market hall of Spandau (in the outskirts of Berlin), near the Juliusturm. This event attracts every week many visitors from Berlin and surrounding areas, eager to stroll the flea market stalls, in search for a hidden gem.

The flea market is organized around five covered halls and one uncovered external area. The external structure of the antique and flea market hall provides a nice industrial look to the overall area. The presence of this building creates a pleasant atmosphere within the outdoor market, which takes place partly in the parking area across the hall.

In the covered halls, many stalls are rented on a monthly basis, which explains why they are particularly nicely decorated and well presented. The atmosphere in the halls is thereby particularly comfortable (some stalls are even organized as real living rooms, filled with quality furniture and details). And since the rent is particularly affordable, especially for the outdoors stalls, most merchants don’t get crazy with their price tags.

Private sellers showcase used items such as board games, books, furniture and household appliances. There are also professional traders who complement the range of items on sale, with well-preserved antiques like vintage furniture, vases, crockery and paintings.

Because the Spandau flea market has five largely sheltered areas, in addition to its outside flea market space, it is never affected by the weather and remains a popular shopping destination throughout the year.

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    3 reviews

    1. Waren letzten Sonntag zum ersten Mal dort und hatten viel Spaß. Die Sonne schien und es gab viele nette Trödler, keine Neuware. Viele alte Bücher, Noten, Dinge aus Haushaltsauflösungen, Cds, etc. Sehr günstige Preise. Wer allerdings wertvolle Antiquitäten/Bilder sucht, geht besser zum Tiergarten.

    2. Very tight fit due to all the merchandise in the stalls. I bought some things that were great bargains. I will be back.

    3. Eine Trödelhalle mit zusätzlichen Außenständen, die teilweise Kostenlos angeboten werden, aber was bringt es, wenn man seinen Tisch kostenlos aufstellen kann, wenn niemand hin kommt? Innerhalb der Halle haben einige Gewerbliche ihre Lager, die gelegentlich geöffnet sind zum stöbern. Kaum brauchbares, was nicht schon woanders zu Hauf angeboten wird.

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