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Flea markets in Japan have always enjoyed a reputation and an attraction among the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun and tourists alike. Japan is a country with a traditional culture dating back thousands of years, but which has been able since the 1950s to undertake a transformation to become one of the most technologically advanced and modern regions in the world. With such a rich cultural past and at the same time a technological edge, it is therefore not uncommon to see in the flea markets of Tokyo, vintage kimonos and netsuke sold alongside video games from the 80s and vintage Sukayan jackets. Flea markets in Japan are generally located in the vicinity of shrines and parks and feature a wide variety of items. Typical Japanese antiques range from traditional antique furniture and ceramics to kokeshi, netsuke, tea ceremony sets, kimonos, obis, second-hand fabric, vintage vinyl records, trinkets, vintage toys from the 80s and other knick-knacks. It is not therefore surprising that flea markets in Japan appeal to both Japanese residents and tourists looking for an original souvenir.

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