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Long one of the most trading nations in Europe and the world, the Netherlands still enjoys today the blessings of this rich past. As a result, the Netherlands (and not only Holland!) is probably one of the most popular destinations for antiques and vintage goods. France, the UK, Belgium, and Germany always come to mind first when thinking about antique hunting. But it would be a big mistake not to include the Netherlands in the list of destinations. All year round, beautiful flea markets are held in all four corners of the country: from Maastricht to Amsterdam, via Eindhoven, Utrecht and The Hague, the Netherlands has no shortage of places and opportunities to hunt for beautiful antiques. So, if you added Amsterdam to your must-do-flea markets list, or if you are a local looking for a more affordable alternative to furnish your home, then you should know that the city has a few flea markets that should satisfy the appetite of all second-hand and antiques enthusiasts out there. If time and budget allow, try to take advantage of your stay to go a little further by traveling to other cities in the country. If not, Amsterdam remains undeniably one of the most attractive and lively antique centers in the Netherlands.

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